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Very First Experience with Firefox (up to 3.6.12)

Modified: 2010/11/08
Very First Experience with Firefox (up to 3.6.12)

Time to Try New Things I just learned that 45% of all my visitors (over the last week) are using Firefox (FF).  And only 5% stayed with Internet Explorer (IE). So, after all these years I am finally ready to try this one.  I downloaded and installed Firefox 3.6.11.  By the time I am finishing this article (2010-11-01 MO) a new Firefox 3.6.12 is out and available. Download Blues for IE Super Freaks If you have a super-protected environment, where only Trusted sites can have script access, it is really a challenge to catch, what site you need to add to your trusted list, to be able to download.  The…

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