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14 August 29, 2010: The End – From Zurich to Boston

Modified: 2017/07/22

Last Day in Europe On Sunday, August 29, we woke up in Winkel, Switzerland. [09:47] A pleasant surprise – We paid 90CHF for hotel  Landgasthof Breiti, but I was expecting something around 130 CHF. [10:14] It is  Sunday, but Airport Gas Station is opened and there are no lines. Here we paid 79.55 CHF for 48.79 litters  (1.63 CHF/L).  Let’s compare this to some prices we saw 2 days ago on a Swiss-Italian border in Chiasso. I was making this picture to compare gasoline prices later. Only now I noticed that this picture actually captures a plaque stating “Guinness World Record in High Fuel” (nel risparmio di carburante).  I have no idea,…

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