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IE opens blank new tabs instead of your home page

Modified: 2017/07/22
IE - Blank page on new tab

You have  masterfully designed custom home page for your Internet Explorer (IE).  All of a sudden, only first tab displays your home page.  All other new tabs in IE open as a blank page.  What happened?  Something is changing IE settings  back to “A blank page” ? This particular fix for this article was tested on Win7 x64 with IE9. In a few words, you need to delete this registry entry vprot.exe from location HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run   A little bit more radical solution is to run a 3 line script on Startup to delete all intruding entries from all 3 possible Startup locations in Registry. This solution is absolutely great, because it…

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Block PC Outbound Connections on Router Level (All but RDP)

Modified: 2017/06/25

This article applies to a scenario, when you already can establish RDP to a machine on your internal network from a remote network.  Now you’ve decided to tighten security screws and close all external access to and from that machine except for RDP on the router level. Inbound connections to a server you can block easily using firewall on the machine itself.  This article deals with a situation, when you need to block access for any process or application running on your server to the external resources.  Other machines on your network still would be able to make external connections through the router. Note: It is good a practice to change…

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